I, the owner of Kindoki.net, K. Sis. Nicole T. Lasher, sincerely apologize for hosting Efe West on my domain. Because it was a gift, I did not take it back immediately when he first started to post hate speech because I consider him family, I have honor, and I thought he understood that he should not post more hate speech until the domain was transferred to his ownership.

As it turns out, the spirits who told him to regurgitate nazi propaganda did not bother to teach him how to build websites, fact check, or that many of the people who built the internet he is trying to use are in the LGBTQIA+ communities.

Plenty of others also probably wouldn't want to be called neanderthals who someone is strangely okay with f***ing (like zooph***** I guess?).

In any case, he will have to find other hosting now because I don't need the guilt or the smoke that is coming his way.

The door is open whenever he wants to behave like family, but until then...

I will give him back the domain when he learns to use the interwebz and promises to use it for Kindoki and not naziism.

Oh and he's a fraud and a liar now.  The site has not been hacked. I own the site. My homepage is here.

If you want to discuss the situation with me, I'm on YouTube as well. Leave a comment and learn how to free your mind from "white" supremacists posing as spiritualists and panafricanists.